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The lock specialist from Apeldoorn and the surrounding area.

We score an average of:

based on 401 experiences

We score an average of:

based on 401 experiences

Locksmith Apeldoorn

Locksmith Apeldoorn is your lock specialist in the region.As a approved company, we work with a team of certified lock-smiths and lock experts.We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7days a week.For example for replacing, placing or opening types of locks.In addition, we supply high-quality locks directly from stock.Of course provided with an SKG quality mark in various de-grees.Do you need advice on burglary safety and preven-tion?Even then our experienced lock specialists are ready for you.Of course you can also use our emergency service.This is available at any time of the day when locks need to be opened orplaced urgently.In the event of a lockout, a defective lock or if there is damage after a burglary.

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Urgent service

Our emergency service in Apeldoorn is available 24/7. In case of lockouts, broken keys in the lock or a burglary. We open doors quickly and without damage. Our locksmiths are at your door within 20 minutes.

Open locks

Have you locked yourself out in Apeldoorn? Or is half of the key still in the lock? Locksmith Apeldoorn opens doors quickly and without damage. By appointment, but also when urgent is required.

Replace locks

Do you want to have your old locks replaced? Our experienced fitters are ready for you. We replace locks in a professional and professional manner. On both doors and windows. With new SKG locks you increase the burglary security of your home.

Burglary protection

Locksmith Apeldoorn is happy to provide you with advice on burglary prevention and burglary safety. For example, due to the location of SKG locks. Such as anti-core pull cylinders or multi-point locks. Request a no-obligation quote for tailor-made advice in the field of burglary protection.

Core pulling protection

You can increase the burglary security of your home efficiently with core pull protections. The experienced mechanics of locksmith Apeldoorn are happy to do this for you. The risk of a break-in by core pulling or lock picking is thus considerably reduced.

Install multi-point lock


As a proffesional company, locksmith Apeldoorn specializes in installing all types of multi-point locks. We do this on both doors and windows. Of course we deliver from stock. Our fitters ensure professional installation.

Lock specialist Bob de Ruijter

Bob de Ruiter works in the vicinity of Apeldoorn as a lock specialist. Within the team of locksmith Apeldoorn, Bob is active in advising our customers. For example in the field of burglary security. In addition, this lock specialist also works within the emergency service. Bob specializes in opening locks.

Bob de ruijter

Lock specialist

Locks expert Martijn van Dijk

Locksmith expert Martijn van Dijk is part of the team of locksmith Apeldoorn who specializes in the replacement, installation and damage-free opening of all types of locks. Martijn is also active within our emergency service and is therefore available 24/7. He also advises customers on how to increase burglary protection with SKG locks.

Martijn van Dijk

Locks expert

Locksmith Brian Ommen

Brian Ommen works as a professional locksmith within our emergency service. After a lockout, a broken key or a broken lock, Brian is the first on the scene to open the lock. Of course without damage to the woodwork. This experienced locksmith also places multi-point locks on doors and windows.

Brian Ommen


Emergency service in Apeldoorn

Our emergency service in Apeldoorn is of course available at any time of the day. As a licensed locksmith, we are also available at night and on weekends. Maybe because half of the key is still in the lock or because you locked yourself out. Have you been broken into and your current locks forced? Even then you can use the 24/7 emergency service of locksmith Apeldoorn. We have several locations and branches. So there is always an experienced mechanic nearby. This is on location within 20 minutes to open or replace your lock.

Available 24 hours a day

Locksmith Apeldoorn grows every year with more locations and experienced locksmiths.

22 minutes

The average time when the locksmith is on site.

1470 satisfied customers

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with a lockout or a locks repair.

Work area locksmith Apeldoorn

Locksmith Apeldoorn has several branches and locations in the region. From here we supply and install locks, but our technicians also visit customers to provide them with advice. Our working area covers the whole of Apeldoorn and all surrounding villages and areas. As a result, we can always guarantee a short arrival time of 20 minutes. Also in an emergency. Do you need a supplier of SKG security locks near Apeldoorn? Even then we are there for you. As a proffesional company, we supply all types of locks from stock. Such as core pull protections and multi-point locks for both doors and windows.

When do you need a locksmith?

A locksmith is indispensable in a number of situations. Perhaps because you want to have your old or worn locks replaced or if you want to improve the burglary security of your home. You can also call in the help of a locksmith in the event of a lockout, an attempted burglary or a broken key.
If your locks are outdated or damaged, have them replaced by a licensed locksmith. This way, your home and property will remain protected against burglary. Locksmith Apeldoorn is happy to provide you with tailor-made advice. We specialize in supplying, installing and replacing old or damaged locks.
If half of your key is still in the lock, it must be professionally removed. The lock, and with it the door, can no longer be used due to the broken key. Locksmith Apeldoorn is at the place of destination within 20 minutes in an emergency. We open your lock quickly and without damage.

If there is a lot of burglary in your area, it is time to have the burglary safety of your home assessed and checked by a recognized lock expert. Locksmith Apeldoorn is a approved company. We are happy to provide you with tailor-made advice with which you can increase burglary security.

Lost keys are not only annoying, but also make your home inaccessible. In this case you use the emergency service of locksmith Apeldoorn. If desired, we can immediately place new locks, or if possible replace the cylinder of the lock.
You can also use the emergency service of locksmith Apeldoorn in the event of a lockout. This is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our technicians will open your lock quickly and without damage. We do this not only during the day, but of course also at night, on weekends and on Sundays and public holidays.
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