Burglary protection

Providing a home with the correct locks has up to 95% less chance of a successful burglary

Burglary protection Apeldoorn

Burglary protection in Apeldoorn is of great importance. Of course you want to prevent a home burglary. Especially because burglars today use far-reaching techniques. This makes entering your home easier than ever. Burglaries happen at any time of the day. All the more reason to pay extra attention to the burglary protection of your home and property. Locksmith Apeldoorn is happy to advise you in the field of burglary prevention and security. We supply all types of security locks with SKG quality mark from stock. Of course, our experienced locksmiths also provide professional installation. From security locks and door fittings.
Burglary protection

Improve burglary protection with hinges and locks

Improving burglary protection with hinges and locks is a wise choice. Doors and other entrances are, after all, the most vulnerable to burglary. Think of your front door, but also back doors and windows accessible from the outside. High-quality hinges and locks are always provided with an SKG quality mark. This is also known as security fitting. This hinges and locks have been inspected and tested by independent bodies. They meet the strict requirements required for burglary protection. There are different types of quality hinges and locks. Such as core pull protections and multi-point locks, but also SKG window locks. Locksmith Apeldoorn supplies hinges and locks with a quality mark directly from stock.

Good burglary protection starts with good hinges and locks

Good burglary protection starts with good hinges and locks. If desired, you can have this security fitting installed by a proffesional locksmith company. In that case, locksmith Apeldoorn is ready for you. We install hinges and locks with SKG certificate on both windows and doors. This allows you to effectively improve the burglary protection of your home. Not sure which security fitting is suitable for your home? Our skilled lock experts are happy to provide you with tailor-made advice. This way you know exactly what is needed to protect your home against burglary. Of course you can also request a non-binding quote for hinges and locks with a quality mark.

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